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Touhou Launcher

The improved version of the old and outdated Touhou Launcher made by Widdiful.



The answer is yes, the Launcher supports non-static patches (e.g. thcrap); in fact, we would recommend not to use static patches.

You can do so by going to your installation folder and putting the image file (only png files) under the folder named "images" with the file being named "thXX" (for EoSD it would be "th06" and so on...) for the games and "random" for the random button. You will have to enable the feature in the "Settings" section in the Launcher.

We only know that this happens after updating, but we still do not know the cause of it; but as soon as we know how to fix this, we will do so.


  • Added music for Touhou 14.5 (ULiL) and 15.5 (AoCF).
  • Windows 7 is again supported (SP1 only).
  • Added music for Touhou 7.5 (IaMP).
  • Now the location where mangas are stored in can be changed.
  • Fixed crash that occurred if closed the Launcher while downloading manga.
  • Trying to go past a manga page that has nothing to show now closes the reader.
  • Opening or downloading a manga now requires double dealing clicking instead of single clicking.
  • Fixed the Launcher not opening.
  • Added music from Touhou 10.5 and 12.3.
  • Improved performance of the webs for replays.
  • Fixed bug when downloading replays of Touhou 10.
  • Optimized the music player, which now requires less RAM.
  • Fixed crashing when trying to download some mangas (i.e. 'The Grimoire of Usami').
  • Made it so now operations started along a progress dialog cannot close the dialog.
  • Windows 7 will not be supported until further notice; we apologize for the incovenience!
  • Music now loops as intended. (but Ogg Vorbis music stutters when looping ;;)
  • Added various mangas for people to read.
  • Added default images for the game's buttons, all of which have been made by Zondac!.
  • Fixed shuffled names of the music from Touhou 16.5.
  • PC98 games are no longer included along the Launcher.
  • Themes of the Lunarcast web site now work as intended.
  • Fixed music from Touhou 12.8 not starting from the beginning.
  • Disabled selecting multiples songs at once in the music player.
  • Fixed script errors when loading the web pages to download replays.
  • Fixed PC98 games losing its save data when updating. (totally not related with the games no longer being included)
  • Support for the music of the spin-offs games by ZUN has been added.
  • Added a button to reload the clearance data manually.
  • Now an error will show up when trying to retrieve the music of a unlocated game.
  • Added a progress dialogue which will show up while retrieving the music of a game.
  • Added a music player that can play the music of the games from 7-17 except 9 & 13. Must have linked the game first to be able to play its music.
  • Fixed game clearance management and achievements.
  • Added something that nobody noticed was missing even after a month. Like really, nobody noticed it, not a single person. Scorefile clearance for Touhou 9.
  • Fixed script errors with Lunarcast.
  • Fixed typo where Imperishable Night was spelled Impersihable Night. (Nobody noticed it and it's been there since the beginning, only one person~)
  • Fixed bug when pressing the 'Update List' button in the replays tab.
  • Fixed bug in Light Mode that would make the achievements background images invisible.
  • Added game clearance management and related 'achievements'.
  • Added replays management for games from Mountain of Faith up to the last one, excluding spin-offs.
  • Fixed bug where games that were using thcrap could not find their respective replay folders nor could the custom.exe.

  • And we also wish you all a happy new year!
  • Fixed typo in Settings tab where PoFV was labeled as PCB.
  • The rating system has been disabled until we find time to fix it properly for once and for all!
  • Now it is possible to add images to the tools buttons just as you would do with normal buttons (i.e. for Scorefile Converter would be "toolSC.png").
  • Added Japanese language; some translations may be wrong, so let us know if you have any correction!
  • Added some tools to the games tab, this is subject to change in the future.
  • Added as replay source. F for
  • Changed the name of Touhou 12.3 to Hisotensoku because some people found the other one awkward.
  • Things that are not changes:

  • We are not renaming Touhou 17.5 to 'Touhou Explorer', may be we could rename it to "..."?
  • We do not prefer static patches, in fact, we do not recommend the use of static patches.
  • Added character "'" to rename fan-games.
  • Fixed Discord link in About section not working.
  • Added a cooldown of 1 second to the rating system.
  • Fixed fan-games being opened right away after clicking once.
  • Fixed typo with Perfect Cherry Blossom being named Perfect Cheryy Blossom. We were writing the names very fast so we didn't notice :(
  • Fixed custom.exe not being found.
  • Fixed dark mode persisting until tab change when disabled.
  • Fixed fan-games executing instead of opening their folders.
  • Added the context menu actions of the fan-games to a sidebar, too.
  • Added characters "-" and "_" to rename fan-games, as well as numbers 0-9.
  • Fixed crashing when rating a game when actually there's no game selected.
  • Fixed crashing when trying to open an inexistent AppData folder of any game. We forgot to add the text for the error message :(
  • Fixed AoCF saying that it had an AppData folder and that its replay folder didn't exist.
  • Fixed exploit that made it posible so that you could rate the same game multiple times. If you discover bugs, report them, don't exploit them! Or we'll have Lady Eiki lecture you for a long time~
  • Added support for Touhou 17.5. (Don't ask why, we already know it is just a beta)
  • We have added a dark mode so you don't get blind at night! (Not yet available in the page)
  • Fixed bug that would crash the Launcher when viewing average rates. It's the float type fault, not ours!
  • We have added a feature so you can rate the games and also view their average rate!
  • Added some secret (not so secret) stuff~
  • Fixed the Launcher crashing in Windows 7. We couldn't test it in W7 so we didn't know it was crashing :(
  • Added support for Touhou 17, thus unsupporting its trial. That was quick, wasn't it?
  • When adding an image for a button its text will disappear. Thank the person who suggested this, we never thought of this! <3
  • Administrator rights are no longer required to play PC-98 games.
  • Fixed a bug where replays files would download in the incorrect place.
  • From now on, when you copy a replay's url you will be asked if you want to download that replay. See? This time it isn't only a simple bug fix, we told you to trust us!
  • Fixed a bug where the window would not auto-close in certain cases. Next update will contain something that is not a bug fix, trust us!
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't able to run PC-98 games (it required true administrator rights). Sorry for not fixing every bug at once :(
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't able to link fan-games with Unicode characters (non-ASCII characters, such as Japanese ones). Thank the 4th release of Fantasy Maiden Wars, we wouldn't have found the bug if it wasn't for it :(
  • Initial release. More to come, we promise :)


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